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Prior to the formation of DAN-ENGINEERING in 1985 the owners were key executives in the Danish BERGSØE GROUP, which operated lead, tin, copper and aluminium smelters in 11 countries. The BERGSØE GROUP produced more than 100,000 tons per year with total sales exceeding 200 million U.S. Dollars. In addition to operating own smelters the group's technology was marketed via the Engineering Division BERGSØE CDC (CONSULTING-DESIGNING-CONTRACTING), from the management of which the founders of DAN-ENGINEERING A/S gained extensive experience.



DAN-ENGINEERING was formed in 1985 with the objective of servicing the non-ferrous industry with design and construction of smelting works and equipment, particularly tin and lead smelters.

DAN-ENGINEERING has a wide experience in all aspects of the international field of design, equipment requirements, supervision of construction and the applications of new technology. When and where necessary DAN-ENGINEERING draws on the experience of a number of specialized consultants to be able to offer a fully comprehensive service. These include highly skilled and reputed Danish engineering companies with specialities in structural steel, machinery construction and electrical control systems.

DAN-ENGINEERING's main objective is to provide a comprehensive and flexible service rather than sell steelwork or specific processes, and hence our clients can exercise a great deal more financial control over their projects than is often possible with other international concerns in this field.

This flexibility is unique to DAN-ENGINEERING since most equipment suppliers refuse to sell drawings and since most consulting engineering companies are unable to provide detailed design of equipment but merely recommend alternative suppliers.

With DAN-ENGINEERING the client can choose the project delivery method best suited to the situation, from consulting reports to turnkey delivery.

In addition DAN-ENGINEERING has a comprehensive experience in all aspects of operation of tin and lead smelters and can therefore provide management expertise to operating smelters.

DAN-ENGINEERING has established a solid clientele providing process technology, design and supply of equipment to companies in Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, Greece, Holland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad, Tunisia, and Venezuela.


The range of services provided by DAN-ENGINEERING includes the following:

Process Analysis, which establish the true requirements to meet the client's production objectives.

Process Comparisons, to describe and compare the various processes that could be used to produce the desired product.

Process Selection, recommending which process should be chosen with the specific requirements of the individual client in mind.

Plant Lay-out. Following process selection, it is important that the selected equipment is installed in accordance with a planned lay-out in which all the relevant factors, such as handling of materials, ventilation requirements etc. have been taken into account. A well-planned lay-out is also essential to co-ordinate other services, such as power and water, and to assess the building requirements necessary to house the equipment.

Equipment Specifications, to define which equipment is necessary and the standards to which it must be constructed.

Equipment Design and Manufacturing. Whilst standard equipment will be recommended wherever and whenever possible, some pieces of equipment are not always readily available. Complete design service is offered, with manufacturing if desired.

Bid Selection. When clients obtain tenders for equipment and installation to our specifications from a large number of contractors thereby ensuring the lowest possible cost, DAN-ENGINEERING assists in the proper evaluation of bids.

Construction Management. Supervision of complete construction and installation whether few or many contractors work on a site at the same time.

Turnkey Projects. If a client does not wish to carry out the tendering and purchasing functions, complete turnkey projects can be provided. DAN-ENGINEERING supplies and installs anything from a single item of equipment up to and including a complete smelting and refining plant.

Commissioning. It is our standard practice to supervise the commissioning of metallurgical plants for which we have been responsible to ensure the clients' satisfaction.

Environmental Air Surveys, designed to identify fugitive emissions, inefficiencies in the performance of gas cleaning equipment and the establishment of monitoring to ensure proper control of in-plant conditions and of surrounding areas. We also recommend equipment and if necessary can arrange its supply and installation.

Liquid Effluent Surveys, designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of City or River authorities at all times.

Solid Waste Investigations, designed to establish the true nature of the toxicity hazard presented by slags and other waste.


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